What is IPTV how does it works


IPTV is taking a video source from a number of locations and distributing it out over an IP network using an existing network to an unlimited amount of endpoints or screens.

what is iptv

What is IPTV?

My role is to basically be an extension of the manufacturer for a mid witch. So we work with clients from a sales perspective in terms of demonstrating kit, to clients and helping to open up sales opportunities. But also just with product support, with training right down to system design as well.

There are many different environments that can be applied, particularly in a corporate environment. It might be a means of getting over life, up to date news and information to staff can also be a way of getting entertainment out to common areas as well. So depending on the application, there is no limit to the content that you can put out. If you had a common area where people used to relax, then you could use that to push out live TV, music, television.

You can also have an article on-demand content as well that you’ve prerecorded, even training videos as well. So really the content is, is unlimited. It’s, it’s just a means of getting it to to the end location. Regardless of whether that is a couple of small screens or a large installation with video walls and multiple screens and desktops, we will help you with the design of that system.

How Does IPTV Works?

From an installation point of view, the majority of the care is would sit in your server rack where you wouldn’t even see it, where the source of the stream is taken from you then have your endpoints, which is a small set-top box, each end location if you using TV screens, if you’re using desktops and that can be done via a web browser in terms of accessing the content. And then you have an interface, a piece of software which allows you to manage all the content and all the screens on that, on that network.

How dose IPTV works

It is centralize, but you can give the user a degree of management over what they’re viewing. So you can give them a, what we call an EPG, which allows them to change the channel or select whatever the content they want, be it video on demand or something like that. So you could use in some ways digital signage is used.

The sorting of large areas where many people are viewing it, I’m down to individuals desktops or even their mobile devices as well. And also, screens on trading floors. So a lot of financial, institutions, we use it for that purpose. From a management point of view, it gives you a lot more control over what people are watching and when also over the design the, of the output of each channel as it were. And it’s customizable as well. So you can have company branding, all the way through the system as well.

But also in terms of just managing your bandwidth and controlling that, it will save a lot of money for a larger sort of corporate clients. So, as with taking on any new technology that can be intimidating if you don’t understand the technology at first, but what we will do is work with you to hopefully help simplify the technology, make it accessible to you and work with you from system design right up to implementation, to make it a product that you can, add to your business. Some people would use it, as a means of getting advertising out and that can become a revenue stream within itself. also, you can use pay per view as well.

That’s might be another way of bringing in revenue using an Exterra Etsy system. Stare at the market leader in IPTV and they are the brand that we distribute for IPTV.  There are other brands that have to try to get into this market, as a side, aside from other things that they do, with extensity.

All they do is IP TV, which means they’re in a position to be the leaders in their field. speak to us about what the requirement is and then from there, we will work with you and tell you, how we think that you can best use your existing IP network to get the best out of your system.

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what is iptv
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